Thursday, October 8, 2009


Are we living in a democracy? Officially, yes. Everyone says so. We have elections. But is that the true reality?

We are not living in a democracy. More and more industry and government are teaming up and democracy is for sale. The laws are created in the interest of industry not in the interest of the individual, the people. Power is shifting away from governments and politicians and being invested instead in transnational corporations and trade organizations.

Everything, people, resource and nature are used to serve the well-being of the corporation. An ad placed by the Government of the Philippines in Fortune magazine reads as follows: "To attract companies like yours … we have felled mountains, razed jungles, filled swamps, moved rivers, relocated towns … all to make it easier for you and your business to do business here."

No politician ever makes it into the polls if he does not have the support of the corporations. Anyone that you are allowed to vote for in elections is pre-selected and pre-approved by the industry. With your ballot you may chose between Mr. A, B or C, but all three have the same pre-determined principle plan regarding the truly major issues, their difference only lies in the minor areas. The main objective of government is to satisfy corporations. Over time the government has been deeply undermined by corporate staff.

And what do corporations do? They are legally prohibited to be social, to treat nature in a sustainable way. They private the gain and externalize the cost in order to follow their legal obligation to seek profit.

How to get back to responsible policies, to politicians that act in favor of people, nature and resources? Sometimes I see a revolution the only way out. There are many types of revolutions though, think of Mahatma Ghandi.

Here is a truly excellent article entitled "The Roots of Change – in Ourselves, or Government and Industry?" that sheds light onto this topic. A must read in my humble opinion.

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