Monday, February 15, 2010

Fukuoka in Greece

Masanobu Fukuoka is a legend in the area of permaculture. Amongst other things he re-introduced the seed ball planting method. This visianary Japanese was ahead of his time.

This quote is just marvelous and so to the point: "If modern agriculture continues to follow the path it's on now, it's finished. The food-growing situation may seem to be in good shape today, but that's just an illusion based on the current availability of petroleum fuels. All the wheat, corn, and other crops that are produced on big farms may be alive and growing, but they're not products of real nature or real agriculture. They're manufactured rather than grown. The Earth isn't producing those things... petroleum is!" (source: Masanobu Fukuoka, Mother Earth News interview, 1982)

The Permascience channel on YouTube just published these videos: Fukuoka in Greece (1/3), Fukuoka in Greece (2/3), Fukuoka in Greece (3/3).

For a how-to on making seed balls view The Seed Ball Story.

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