Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Crash of 2010

"El crash del 2010" ("The Crash of 2010") is the title of the book by Santiago Niño Becerra. We are in a structural crisis, a crisis of our system, a crisis of capitalism. He foresees that we are going through a crash in slow motion and that the principal crash is yet to come, according to him in 2010. Between 2010 and 2015 we will see the biggest impact and changes to our lives. For the individual he recommends to cancel all credits, pay back all debts and as a profession to do something one truly loves and is passionate about; to work in a field that makes sense and that provides real value to the society. He foresees that concepts like "usefulness", "efficiency" together with "coordination" and "co-operation" will become key to our daily lives. Individuals must pick up and carry their responsibilities.

I like his back to basics vision. I agree that we all must re-think and re-evaluate to assure that what we do provides value to the core necessities of society. I see so many jobs that provide no value to society, they only serve to fill one's own pockets and there are also many jobs that serve society but at a very peripherical way, not at its core. The times of luxury have passed, we must focus on the essential, the core necessities.

An interview in Spanish is here.

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