Sunday, December 6, 2009


This video explains libertarianism in 8 minutes. I heard people argue that libertarianism creates equality, equality on all levels.

I am challenged to see how pure libertarianism without any complements can achieve social equality. I believe in rights feverishly defended by libertarianism: right to life, freedom and property. I also see the implications thereof: taxes are a violation of property rights, etc.

At the same time I am convinced we live in a time and a world where we sustainably can provide food and shelter to all persons on our planet. I see it as a desirable goal to reach this objective for the reasons of a) equality = social justice, b) liberty = freedom from slavery under pressure to work for food and c) life = protecting people from starvation.

I see libertarianism as a methodology, as a tool, as a car if you will. I see my feed-the-world scenario (as an example) as a possible destination, a place we should drive too. My question is now: How do we use our car (libertarianism) to drive to the village Feed-the-World? The challenge I have is to see how to connect these two points.

How can rights to unlimited property and the fact that your life is protected lead to a situation where we protect the life of other people (such as starving people on another continent)? Voluntary donations. Sure. But as we see this is very little, only a drop in the bucket. Are starving millions a price worth paying for liberty?

As you see I have tons of open, unresolved questions in my head.

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