Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrong Signal Again

In article "Wrong Signal" I commented on the poor choice made by the Nobel Peace Prize committee electing President Obama. Today another wrong signal was sent. Time magazine elected the Fed chairman Ben Bernanke as Person of the Year 2009 for prevented an economic catastrophe, so they say. The FED is one of the most enslaving organizations on our planet. It uses debt to enslave the regular people while making a few rich bankers even richer. How can the chairman of such an organization, actually a private company, be selected for Person of the Year? And how can one be so short sighted to not see that whatever he has done (create trillions of debt) is going to cause an economic catastrophe in the long run? But main stream media clearly does not care about ethics, transparency, and long term effects. We should not be surprised, last years choice wasn't any better: Obama was Time's Person of the Year 2008.

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