Friday, April 23, 2010

The Future of Food

This 90-minute documentary film entitled "The Future of Food" was produced in 2004, but today in 2010 it is as relevant if not even more relevant as in 2004. Food is the most vital and critical element to our life and we have been passing control over to a handful of corporations. We need to reclaim control and return to basics.

The documentary was shot by Deborah Koons Garcia, wife of late rock music legend Jerry Garcia. The official website operates under the same name: Different trailers are here and here. The full length film can be found here (US only) and here. On interview with Koons Garcia is also on YouTube.

I found the documentary powerful and highly interesting, enough to make me look forward to Deborah Koons Garcia's upcoming project "In Good Heart: Soil and the Mystery of Fertility". No surprise that GM and Monsanto pop up throughout the film.

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