Thursday, April 22, 2010

Supermarket Secrets

UK's Channel 4 has produced a very insightful 100-minute documentary on the topic of supermarkets and how they control how and what we eat. As we all shop in supermarkets it is an absolute must see. The documentary skilfully highlights things behind the scenes we cannot image such as animal cruelty, how the supermarkets select individual food varieties for their merit of transportability and eliminate all other varieties from the market, how they force organic and non-organic farmers to create up to 30% of waste of the harvested food, etc. The documentary is entitled "Supermarket Secrets". The bottom line is something that should not be news to us: Just like the farmers' job is not to produce food but to produce profit, so are the supermarket chains. Their primary interest is not in providing us with a variety of food, or healthy food, or safe food; their only interest is to maximize profits - and that they do very well. The final comment of the documentary is: It is time again that we learn to shop. Well said.

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