Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No GM Food

I already blogged about Genetically Modified (GM) food here. Today I found additional convincing reasons to stay away from GM food even if you have to dig a little bit deeper into your wallet at the time of food purchase. Here are 65 reasons of why nobody (not even animals) should eat GM food:

  • GM Potatoes Damages Rats
  • Rats Fed GM Tomatoes got bleeding stomachs, several died
  • Rats Fed Bt GM Corn had multiple health problems
  • Mice Fed Bt GM Potatoes had intestinal damage
  • Workers exposed to Bt GM cotton developed allergies
  • Sheep died after grazing in Bt GM cotton fields
  • Inhaled Bt GM corn pollen may have triggered disease in humans
  • Farmers report pigs and cows became sterile from GM corn
  • Twelve cows in Germany died mysteriously when fed Bt GM corn
  • Mice fed Roundup Ready GM soy had liver cell problems
  • Mice fed Roundup Ready GM soy had problems with the pancreas
  • Mice fed Roundup Ready GM soy had unexplained changes in testicular cells
  • Roundup Ready GM Soy Changed Cell Metabolism in Rabbit Organs
  • Most offspring of rats fed Roundup Ready GM soy died within three weeks
  • Soy allergies skyrocketed in the UK, soon after GM soy was introduced
  • Rats fed Roundup Ready GM canola had heavier livers
  • Twice the number of chickens died when fed Liberty Link GM corn
  • GM peas generated an allergic-type inflammatory response in mice
  • Eyewitness reports: Animals avoid GMOs
  • A GM food supplement killed about 100 people
Jeff Smith has done excellent work and published a lot of free information in various formats on Here is a more complete list of why we should never ever eat GM foods. Bon apetit.

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