Saturday, July 11, 2009

Personal Aspiration

Having just done my little self evaluation regarding our heavily changing times, I also started to wonder about the purpose of life, and all this good philosophical stuff. In what direction should I go? How can I take my loved ones with me on this journey? It is good to stop once in a while to smell the roses.

I figured it is time to think about and set myself a new personal aspiration. What is a goal? A goal is a desire or an intention that one acts upon in order to achieve it. What are some of the most popular goals people have? Look at this informal list of popular goals. Or this one. Plant a garden is not in the top 100. There is not a single goal regarding the environment, like reducing the carbon footprint, using less resources, recycling more. Words like "nature" or "environment" don't show up anywhere on these lists. There are some goal lists of higher quality.

What is my general goal? I wrote the following sentence down to help me as a guideline in steering through the coming months or years.

"Create and maintain a healthy environment and lifestyle where work done is satisfying and balanced with family, pastime and rest."

I can embellish on this simple sentence to derive:

"Create and maintain a healthy environment around me, live a healthy lifestyle in tune with nature and sustainability where work done is satisfying and balanced with family, pastime and rest; where money is a resource not an objective; where inner peace, searching and seeing the positive, and openness to learning are the principle values."

This personal aspiration sentence will remain a subject to change. Nonetheless, it is good to write it down to make the goal firmer and more present in your mind and actions.

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