Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Winning the Oil End Game

There is a thought-provoking video on peak oil on TED. Armory Lovins talk about Winning the Oil End Game. I do not agree with all his points. In my opinion he is too optimistic about the government response to the transition. I also doubt that the government being steered by lobbyists and big business interests has the right intentions. His proposed solution is also heavily dependent on technology, which I also see as a possible weakness or at least a factor of risk. I would prefer simpler solutions more in line with nature. Nonetheless his option is a positive step forward and the video is worth watching. He gives a lot of numbers and presents possible approaches for tackling peak oil. Here is the Winning the Oil End Game talk video. Background data on the presentation can be found on his dedicated web site and his book with the same title. The Winning the Oil End Game book is free and a lot of research has gone into it.

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