Wednesday, January 27, 2010


With so much mismanagement and materialism around us we easily lose sight of happiness. Here is some scientific background on happiness from Nancy Etcoff. Science suggests that happiness comes from being integrated, being part of a community, being active, cooperating with others. Another source and genetically programmed process of happiness is biophilia, receiving happiness through being in nature or part of nature. In the simplest example, one receives positive stimulation by going to the zoo. Another example is that patients in a hospital with a view of a natural setting (trees) recover faster than patients with a view of a wall. If we have this pre-programmed love for nature and living things, how come we as a society do so much harm to nature and nearly all living things? Clearly there are many forced at work.

Watching the 20-minute TED video entitled "The surprising science of happiness" is a good starting point to ponder happiness.

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