Saturday, January 23, 2010

Orwell Rolls in his Grave

"Orwell rolls in his grave" is a 105-minute video directed by Robert Kane Pappas. This documentary from 2004 highlights the US media system showing the partiality of the media, the conflicts of interests of the media and how media, politics and big business are merging into one power pool. Double-speak is a reality in the media today. News is all managed and steered. It does not inform anymore, it is very close to a propaganda tool controlled by a handful of people. Here is the video (or alternatively here).

What is the next step of media? Control of the internet. Government already has full tracking control on when and where every individual is online and which web sites are visited. The next steps will be that all financial transactions will be tracked and laws released to enforce paying taxes on every penny that is exchanged through interactions on the internet. The final objective is the control of the content, i.e. the news and political views. For this purpose it will be made difficult for small media players and independent individuals to get their voice heard on the internet. This can be implemented via gateway control of the ISPs, access control, deals between big media content providers and ISPs, or plain old censorship. It can be foreseen that any kind of regulation will be given an Orwellian double-speak name like "The Net Neutrality Act", "Global Online Freedom Act" or "Global Internet Openness Act" while in reality it will reduce choices and voices while increasing monitoring and tracking. As reasons we will be given arguments like war on terrorism, spam control, or protection from cyber attacks. In the near future news and content on the internet will be like on TV today: there will be 100s of channels all owned by 5 companies, all presenting the same preselected and prepackaged news that big business and big politicians want you to hear. These are my predictions. Do you agree?

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