Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Insurance or Jail

It is laughable how electoral campaign promises always turn into the opposite. Remember when the current president in his pre-election speeches promised health care for all. And now the solution discussed is that all US citizens must buy private health insurance or face high fines or jail terms. How is that a solution? How is this health care for all? How does that change the situation of the homeless or jobless out of money? But what is worst, it takes away more liberties. Nothing against private health insurance, but it should be voluntary. The person who prefers to pay his own medical bills, let him do it. They are just chiseling away at our civil liberties and making the fixed cost of living higher, forcing people into more rat-race slavery. The only guaranteed winner are the insurance companies who now will make a slice on every dollar spent on health care.

Want more food for thought on health care insurance? Here a video that highlights some aspect of why insurance makes the price go up.

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