Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deja Vu

Sadly, the European Union is following the US footsteps. A $1 trillion EU/IMF bailout package was agreed upon over the last weekend. The EU politicians do exactly what they have said they would not do, not so long ago. Once again a crisis is used to reduce civil rights, create more globalization, push through laws that might raise eyebrows under normal circumstances, etc. The goal of it all? It seems to be redistribution of wealth from the poor and middle-class to the super rich, on a global level; meaning that - as an example - the Greek middle-class will pay for the fifth Bentley of some unseen and unnamed rich investor in some far away country. A year ago, the EU politicians vowed to not print money as done by the US to tackle the financial difficulties. Now the EU will be printing. On creation of the EU and the Euro currencies the ECB said that it would never buy EU government bonds. Now they will do exactly that.

And where is the democracy? Have the citizens been asked? Just like the US government decided on the bailout packages for the financial infrastructure without consulting the citizens in 2008-2010, the EU governments do so now. We live in a pseudo-Democracy. Democracy as we have it is just an empty shell after having been carved out from the inside over decades. Many Germans raised their voice against the initial €135 billion bailout package for Greece. Now, against the will and interest of many Europeans, a €750 billion EU/IMF bailout package has been decided without any public discussion, in a big hurry, in just a single weekend.

Are we citizens or are we slaves? You be the judge.

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