Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sad Video

This must be one of the worst videos I saw in my life: Slaughter of 12 civilians in Iraq in 2007. Here is the background. In Iraq in 2007: one Reuters journalist and his driver get out of a car, the journalist takes pictures, bystanders gather to watch, a US helicopter observes them and decides to kill them, with 8 innocent people dead or wounded a good samaritan stops his van in which he brings his 2 kids to a school event to help one wounded man, the helicopter gunman is given permission to "engage" again and kills the good samaritan and wounds his two kids. Here are some newspaper articles from the New York Times, The Moderate Voice, and Huffington Post. Initiating violence is a bad thing under all circumstances, even more so in case of state-initiated violence like war.

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