Wednesday, May 5, 2010


In order to get public opinion at least partially in favor of the 135 billion Euro bailout of Greece by the EU and IMF, European newspapers had to report on this issue. It was most likely on the cover pages of most serious national newpapers. In Austria, "Die Presse" on April 30 had a half page report on Greece and the Euro on its coverpage with the title in big bold letters. In this article Die Presse described a scenario in which the EU countries split, with countries like Greece being expelled from the Euro zone. Another scenario that was mentioned is the reverse, in this alternative scenario the rich EU countries like Germany and France voluntarily leave the Euro behind and go back to national currencies like Deutsche Mark or a new currency. The French Le Monde and the Italian La Repubblica had similar reports on the Greek crisis and its impact on the Euro currency and the European Union.

Nobody can say anymore he hasn't heard about it or hasn't been warned. The second phase of the crisis is just starting. And if establishment-oriented newspapers are reporting on the cover pages that the Euro will possibly break, then this has to be taken seriously. The world crisis is far from over, it is about to reach full speed. This is the world we live in: Weak economies worldwide, countries like Greece, Portugal, Ireland close to bankruptcy, not to mention the US, the commercial real-estate crisis about to explode, never before seen debt in the US and EU, official 20% unemployment rate in countries like Spain and unofficially 30% considered possible, doubts about the Euro and the Dollar, the end of the Euro, ... Extremists would add to the scenarios the possibility of a new world currency, now that both the Dollar and the Euro are in terrible shape, this might be an ideal moment for the elite to take over more control and power through the introduction of a new world currency.

These are very shaky times. Beside a few ultra-rich and ultra-influential people, nobody will be able to escape this financial tsunami that is building up and that will change our lives over the next 20 years. Unemployment will affect us or someone close to us, European government (e.g. Austria) will be raising the taxes and invent new taxes which will affect us, inflation will affect us, and so forth. There is no more hiding. Time to stock up on food, coffee and other durable items.

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