Monday, May 10, 2010

Earth Up Potatoes

While many experienced farmers and bin permaculturists will know the term "earth up", to beginners this might be a new process. It is used to improve the yield of potatoes, by adding more and more soil over the time period of weeks burying the bottom part of the plant and forcing it to produce another "layer" of potatoes. Earthing up can be done in the field or in bins, and even in old tires. Here are some good descriptions and videos of how to grow more potatoes by using the process of earthing up: How To Earth Up Potatoes (on Videojug), How to Earth Up Potatoes (by WikiHow), Growing Potatoes in Tires (on YouTube), and Growing Potatoes in Bins (on YouTube).

Have fun growing your own potatoes, even on your city terrace. And remember, your home-grown potatoes avoid the total of 10 "chemical" treatments of purchase average supermarket potatoes.

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