Thursday, May 21, 2009

Childhood Gone

I was shocked by this article in the New York Times. To me these kids have lost their childhood. These kids are 14 years old! Don't mess with their mind please. Teach them peace and they will create peace. Teach them war and they will create war. Needless to say that Homeland Security supports this effort and spends money on it. Is that what you want for your child? What are our options: A peaceful childhood surrounded by values and love or a childhood surrounded by artificial fear and terrorism? Instead of guns and violence we should give them education in civil rights and humanity. The way I see it, what we will get back is what we seed: fear, aggressive behavior, violence, war and thoughtless/mindless obedience.

The terror thread is so unreal, so small, so blown out of proportion by the media under the guidance of the politicians. Death toll from worldwide terrorism in 2008 was 15,765. In comparison 7 million people died of cancer in 2008. This is a ratio of 1:500. If we take the number for the US only the ratio is above 1:1000. One thousand times as many US citizens die of cancer than of terrorism. Yet, the amount of money spent on the War on Terror outweighs the government funding for cancer treatment many times over. Is this efficient use of tax money?

Another reader commented "this smells of tyrannical fascism". Agreed. Remember the Nazi Youth Organization. Does it sound and look similar?

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