Monday, May 11, 2009

The Human Side

I liked this article on The Oil Drum entitled Life after the Crash: Lessons from Kenya. It makes us look inside. Happiness comes from the inside and in order to be happy one does not need to fulfill ones desires, we just need to cover our needs. I also liked his observation that in Kenya, people are not getting by because of politics and the financial system, instead people are getting by despite politics and the financial system. Politicians and bankers are the two biggest road blocks for social improvement in the author's home country. I believe that is equally true for many countries, including the so-called first world. The financial institutions and politicians are not going to solve problems for us, they mostly steal from the poor and middle class. (Watch "Argentina's Economic Collapse" (Memoria del Saqueo, Social Genocide) if you have doubts.) We have to strive for happiness by reducing our wants and desires. The crash and peak oil will bring the opportunity of a simpler life and it is our obligation to turn this into a more meaningful, satisfying personal experience: A life with less money, more time and a new closeness to our key resources like family, food, water, and the land.

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