Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nothing Changes

This 45-minute video entitled The American Power Structure by Ron Paul was shot in 1988. That is 21 years ago. The amazing thing about this video is that is all very up-to-date, every issue in 1988 is still a hot issue today, the problems are still the same (inflation, depression, the Fed, IMF, power elite, ...). Just replace "billion" with "trillion", "Reagan" with "Bush" or "Obama" and nobody would know that this interview was filmed in 1988.

What has changed? The power elite is still holding on to their power, the game they are playing is just bigger and faster with more zeros at the end of each figure. No change there. So, what has changed? Hopefully more people are aware of this manipulation. More people are dropping out and looking for an alternative life style such as growing their own food and building their own houses with alternative materials and thereby controling more their own destiny because they have realized that their money, job, and human/civil rights are all controlled by someone else.

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