Friday, May 8, 2009

Organic Food in Bilbao

I am looking for 2 contacts for our food supply: a) a local food basket provider to buy a weekly ration of vegetables and b) a store to buy bulk items like rice, cereals or pasta.

With this desire in mind I spent a full day researching the options for the city I live in, Bilbao. To my disappointing surprise I could not come up with a lot. Let's see what I have found.

Food Basket in Bilbao, Spain

  • Ekologistakmartxan


    • Spanish newspaper article on food baskets in Bilbao

    • The store does not hook up buyers and local suppliers (farmers) themselves but they have people that can get you connected. When I called them one or two groups were full and some problems were delaying new groups. I was advised to check again with them in a months time.

    • These offers might include something like a weekly basket of 4kg of veggies at €10. You pick up the basket at the store. This currently seems to be the most interesting option.

Organic Food Basket via Internet
  • Recapte

    • Recapte is a company that does food basket orders via the internet and ships them via postal service.

    • Their offer is a weekly 10kg of veggie basket for €30.

    • The transport cost and carbon foot print is not ideal.

    • Furthermore I have read some critical opinions about it. If you read the detailed comments in this article you see that some people are not fully satisfied and that their marketing is possibly not 100% honest.

  • Daiqui
    • They have a wide offering, not only food baskets but all sorts of organic products, all for shipping via internet. The have a small and a large vegetable as well as a small and large fruit basket.

Organic Food Stores in Bilbao, Spain

  • Consumer Coop Bizigai

    • Asociaciones y Cooperativas de Consumidores de Alimentos Ecol├│gicos Bizigai

    • This coop is like a store. You have to pay a monthly membership fee and that gives you the right to shop in their store. It is too far for walking for where I live so I am not too interested.

    • Article about Bizigai

  • Koopera Merkatua, Calle Fern├índez del Campo 16-18, Bilbao Casco Viejo

  • Kresala, Calle Jardines, 2, Bilbao Casco Viejo, Tel: 944 153 501

  • Azak, Pablo Alzola, 8. 48012 Bilbao. Tel: 944 271 001

  • Bio-Bio, Elcano, 12. Bilbao. Tel: 944 210 362

  • Kimua, Calle Ercilla 44, Bilbao. Tel: 944 394 216

  • Ekobizi, Azurleku Auzoa 13, Bilbao. Tel: 944 122 666

Organic Food Stores on the Internet

In summary, for me and other people living in Bilbao, Spain, the options for food or vegetable baskets are limited, but there is movement and it is getting better.

For buying bulk I have not found the solution I was looking for. The local stores (in my experience) don't sell bulk and buying bulk over the internet is not ideal due to extra packaging, shipping cost and carbon footprint of the shipping. Furthermore, the internet stores have very few organic bulk items. Most items are actually 500g items. I would prefer a local store where I can go once every 3 months and buy the bulk items at reasonable rates. I will keep looking. However, there is no rice or cereals growing anywhere nearby, so somehow it will have to be transported anyway.

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