Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Action Items

The very first action items that came to my mind were these.
  • Be conscious! Be aware! Pay attention!
  • Think! Re-think! Ask tough questions! Ask why, where, who?
  • Become mentally prepared
  • Turn off the TV. Most news channels are controlled only by a handful of corporations, so they all report the same. And since the media is controlled by large corporations they report what is of interest to the large corporation, i.e. bias information. We have to turn to other channels for our news or at least avoid the brain-washing of the traditional TV stations.
  • Avoid credits. Credits feed the money machine and give power to the banks. Pay them back as soon as possible. Get a personal loan if possible. Save first, then buy.
  • Put your financial investments partially outside the banks to diversify and reduce risk. Buy real estate, buy gold coins or bullions.
  • Avoid main currencies (USD, possible future world-wide global currency) and use or favor alternative currency (bus token, stamp scrip, silver/gold dollar, digital gold currency, time-based currency, barter) instead
  • Don't support the military or any military action. The motives for going to war are misleading. There is nothing honorable about a war.
  • Be critical! Ask questions! Get to understand who profits and loses in globalization. Voice your discontent about the current money system based on the federal reserves, IMF, World Bank, etc. Learn what they do to other countries and their people. Politicians? Whom do they work for? Who made them what they are? To whom are they in debt? The campaign contributors? What is their primary goal? Re-election? Your freedom? Why are we sticking to limited resources such as oil? Who is profiting from that? Understand that we could use nearly limitless energy resources but that profit-thinking is preventing it.
  • Have a back-up plan for an economic or political disaster. What if the currency become nearly valueless? What if you get laid off? What if social security is stopped? At least think about your options.
  • Spread the information. Talk to your wife, your kids, your friends and neighbors. Teach your kids where the money comes from, who creates it and why it devalues.

But I am still looking for many answers: How do we bring people to give up profit thinking? How do we reduce competition in which there is a guaranteed loser when we can live a life where everybody wins? How do we remove power from the powerful? How do we reduce greed and envy? How do we make people understand the limits of this planet? How do we make people understand that we are all connected, that we are all human and that a person in Africa values the same as in the first world?

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