Sunday, March 15, 2009

Free Energy

I just started some incredible reading this weekend. I started reading A Practical Guide to Free Energy by Patrick J Kelly. It is like reading a thriller. Exciting and full of possibilities. I am not smart or educated enough to follow most of the presented material. Nonetheless I enjoyed reading this book anyway. I suggest you give it a look too. Even with my limited skills some of the devices using gravity to generate energy look very possible just based on common sense. So I could actually follow these designs. The part about Tesla I found interesting just from a historic perspective. Reading about the pyramid that generates (a tiny bit of) energy was mind boggling. Sounds out of this world. It is so strange, so against main-stream thinking that I am tempted to try to build one myself. And then there is Joe's Cell that allows you to convert a regular car to be powered by nothing more than a strange steel container with conditioned water. What if it is true? Just imagine a world of non-polluting cars.

If you want to be surprised, thrilled and excited read or cross-read this book! Don't get distracted by the simple presentation and its length (more than 1,000 pages).

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