Thursday, March 26, 2009

Big Brother, Big Business

Just watched Big Brother, Big Business on Most of it is not new to me. That they store all your emails for years, record all your phone calls for months, track you via cell towers or GPS devices, that laser printers print date and serial number on every page in a hidden fashion and so on is a given. The new thing I learned is that all CD, DVD, BR burners burn the serial number on the disk. So, any given DVD can be tracked back to the PC or device where it was burned. How nice. Furthermore I learned that y law government is restricted or limited to collect certain data on individuals, but that they are not prevented from buying that information. So, government has found an easy work around, information it is not allowed to collect, it lets collect by private companies like ClearPoint and then buys and accesses the information from these private companies, without search warrent or probable cause. The end result is that anything that ever has gone on a piece of paper or into a computer, the government as well as corporations know. We have far outran George Orwell's 1984.

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