Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Government and Power Elite

Here is a long list of articles and videos related to government, civil rights and the powerful elite groups.

Anti-NAU/SPP Article by Devvy Kidd

Excerpt of Address on Unconstitutionality of Canadian Income Tax by Murray Gauvreau 1991

Natural-Person vs Artificial Person - Education non-profit site

Fringe Watchdog Site Targeting Freemasonry

Official Canadian Action Party Website – Registered Federal Party

Animated Short about the Dangers of the Big Brother State – Streaming or Download

Why We Fight Movie: Anatomy of US Military Machine by Eugene Jarecki – Streaming on

Alex Jones interview with Alan Watt October 10, 2008 - MP3

Wake Up Call – Remastered Edition – NWO Documentary – Streaming on Google Video

“Secret Societies”- Bilderberg- Skull and Bones - History Channel Documentary – Streaming on You Tube

Alex Jones – “Losing Your Ego” – Streaming on You Tube

The Matrix Of Power Movie – Jordan Maxwell – (NWO) – Streaming on Google Video

The Naked Truth – Jordon Maxwell Produced discussion on Biblical Stories – Streaming on Google Video

America: Freedom to Fascism Movie – Aaron Russo – Streaming on Google Video

SPP Article -

‘Police Provocateurs Stopped’ SPP Protest – Montebelo – Streaming on You Tube

SPP/NAU Protests Montage – Streaming on You Tube

Behind The Big News: Propaganda and the CFR Video – Streaming on Google Video

Acharya S’s Web Site Truth Be Known

Who Controls The World? Movie – Streaming on Google Video

American Fascists – The Christian Right vs USA interview – Chris Hedges – Streaming on You Tube

Assassin of Democracy – Edward Bernay – from Part 2 – The Century of the Self – Streaming on Google Video

Why Americans Will Believe Almost Anything – article by Tim O’Shea at Signs of the Times Website

Alex Jones interviews Noam Chomsky – Streaming on You Tube

The Empire of the City: World Superstate – NWO movie – Streaming on Google Video

Pentagon Facilitating Christian Evangelism – Article at

The End of America – Talk by Naomi Wolf – Streaming on You Tube

End Game Movie – Alex Jones – Streaming on Google Video

Naomi or Noam Am I – Article by Peter Zaza at American Chronicle

Things Are a Lot Worse Than We Thought – Ralph Nader Lecture – Streaming on You Tube

Micheal Moore vs Wolf Blitzer Part II (Sicko Response) on CNN The Situation Room – Streaming on You Tube

Naomi Klein on Bill Maher – Streaming on You Tube

American Tears – Article by Naomi Klein on The Huffington Post

The New Inquisitions: Heretic-Hunting and the Intellectual Origins of Modern Totalitarianism – Book at

Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act Raises Fears of New Government Crackdown on Dissent – Article on Democracy Now Web Site

No Volveran – The Venezuelan Revolution Now documentary – Streaming on Google Video

Iraq for Sale – Robert Greenwald Documentary – Streaming on Google Video

Robert Greenwald Documentary Page – On

Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism Documentary – Streaming on Google Video

Walmart – High Cost of Low Prices – Robert Greenwald Documentary – Streaming on Google Video

JFK Speech About Secret Societies – Streaming on

Boyd Graves Website – HIV Non-Accidental Spread –

Third World Traveler Website – Alternative US Foreign Policy Web Site

Jordan Maxwell Web Site – Researcher on Secret Societies

The Boy Scout Freemason Connection – Article on

Dick Cheney talks to David Rockefeller – Streaming on You Tube

The Killing Zone – Dispatches – Streaming on Google Video

Will Secret Clubs Pick Next Prez – Article on World Net Daily

Learned Helplessness – Wikipedia Entry

The UK Treason Felony Act 1848 – Wikipedia Entry

Do You Have Facebook? – Short Movie – Streamed on You Tube

Explaining the Illuminati – Lecture by John Todd a Former Illuminatist – Streaming on Google Video

Microsoft Seeks Patent on Office Spyware – Article on Technology Times Online

Project Camelot Interviews Gary McKinnon – Hacking the Pentagon – Streaming on You Tube

Center for Strategic & International Studies

NWO Speech – Gordon Brown – Streaming on You Tube

The Cost of War Counter – on National Priorities Website

The Great Year Movie – Documentary on Ancient Culture Time Cycles – Streaming on Google Video

Iron Mountain – Blueprint to Tyranny Movie – Streaming on Google Video

Joseph Retinger – Wikipedia Entry

William Cooper Exposes Scaremonger Jesuit/CIA Alex Jones – Streaming on You Tube

Alex Jones Exposed – Article on Illuminati News Website

Why Does Ron Paul and Alex Jones Hide Vatican And Jesuit Order Evils in NWO? – Article on Liberty’s Flame Website

The Energy Non-Crisis – Lecture by Lindsey Williams and Alaskan Oil Reserves

The Real Scandal at The World Bank: The Bank is Killing Thousands of the Poorest People in the World –Article on Global Research Website

2008 Presidential Candidate Spending Analysis – On NTU & NTUF Website

Jordan Maxwell Exposes the Illuminati Video – Streaming on Google Video

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