Monday, November 9, 2009

The 10 Rs of an Alternative World

This is a translation of the Spanish article "The 10 Rs of the Other Possible World".

These should be our basic guidelines for another possible world:

  • Respect: Respect the planet, respect for diversity of all kinds of lifestyles, cultures, languages, religions and ethnic groups, respect for elders, respect for children, respect for the unborn, respect animals, respect plants, respect for the planet.

  • Reduction : Reduction of our material needs, reduction of our spendings, reduce of the work hours, reduction of pollution, reduction of our energy expenditure, reduction of our consumption.

  • Redistribution: Redistribution of wealth, redistribution of paid work, redistribution of domestic chores, redistribution of responsibilities between classes and sexes, redistribution of company size, redistribution of tax burdens.

  • Reflection: Reflection on the indirect consequences of our daily actions, reflection on our lifestyle and our vital priorities, reflection on the future of our children and the future of our planet.

  • Revindication: Revindication of (i.e. reclaim of, taking back of) justice and basic rights (food, clothing, housing, health, education, personal independence) of all human beings without distinction.

  • Resistance: Resistance against hopelessness inherent in materialism, resistance against the paradigm of selfishness and hoarding as a way of life, resistance to ecocide.

  • Reuse: reuse of material resources, objects, ideas, human resources, reuse of public spaces, old houses, reuse of uses and customs with social or environmental value.

  • Reinvention: Reinvention of life in a new philosophy associated with the appreciation of the different, coexistence, understanding, humility and solidarity, reinventing the rules governing the global economy.

  • Repair: Repair the damage caused to individuals, social groups and environmental systems by our action or our inaction to aggressive action by others, reparation to victims of any form of terrorism, including state terrorism, and environmental terrorism by cultivation of historical memory.

  • Rebellion: Rebellion against the neo-liberal capitalist thinking that only seeks to commodify and commercialize all aspects of human life.

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