Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Man who Planted Trees

Over the last months I have reached the conclusion that planting trees should be a top priority for our society. I have an unexplainable personal link to trees. I simply like and value them. They can do so much good and if we want to take care of our planet we depend on the help of trees. We will not be able to make it without them and we will not be able to survive as a race without them. It is no wonder to me that ancient culture see them as spiritual beings.

A heart-moving short book (only 3 pages of text) and video dealing with the topic of planting trees is "The Man Who Planted Trees". It is highly recommended. Here is the "The Man Who Planted Trees" book in French, "The Man Who Planted Trees" in English and the "The Man Who Planted Trees" video (description).

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