Friday, November 20, 2009

Bad, Worse, Worst

What is bad? It is bad that the average cost of delivering one gallon of fuel to the troops in Afghanistan costs $400. The military buys, the tax payer pays. In some remote areas the military pays $1,000 for each gallon of fuel.

What is worse? It is worse that the cost of each soldier in Afghanistan is $1,000,000 (one million) per year. 1 soldier x 1 year = $1 million. The US is in its 9th year of war. Imagine the cost (human lives, financial). Imagine the damage (human suffering, infrastructure destroyed, environment polluted, ...). Now imagine what a wise and benevolent government could do with this money: clean energy, innovation, clean up the environment, education, health care, improve living conditions, ... The total cost of the Afghan-Iraq war is estimated by some at 3 trillion dollars (50 times the original price tag given to the public by Donald Rumsfeld).

What is worst? Worst of all is that the president lies to his public. Remember when Obama promised before the elections that the first thing he would do if elected is to bring the troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq? Read his lips here. Now, after the election the elected leaders are discussing incrementing the number of soldiers in Afghanistan. Don't trust the promises of any president.

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