Monday, November 16, 2009

Our Food

From nitrogen based bombs scientists developed nitrogen based fertilizers. From nerve gas humans developed pesticides. Monsanto's New Leaf potato and Monsanto's BT corn are legally registered as pesticides, yet they are sold in US supermarkets as human food. Every cell of BT corn is genetically engineered to create a toxin, a pesticide that kills any worm that attempts to eat any part of the BT corn plant. And the same corn becomes corn cob or corn flakes on your plate. Can that be healthy? 97% of the varieties of vegetables grown at the beginning of the 20th century are now extinct. Is that smart? Companies are creating "meat" artificially in laboratories by growing muscle cells through proteins.

What is the future of our foods? GM veggies that make us sterile and meat grown in a lab tube? Have a look at these videos: "The Future of Food - Introduction",  "The Future of Food - Interview with producer" and the official web site.

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