Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Life Inc.

Douglas Rushkoff wrote an interesting book entitled "Life Inc. How The World Became A Corporation And How To Take It Back". It is summarized in this short 10-minute movie "Live Inc.". He says that we spend so much time working and consuming that we have no time and no energy left to socially interact with people and get pleasure out of life. We are disconnecting from another. He argues that we have to regain humanity. Ever been on vacation in a "poor" nation where people have fewer goods? Isn't it true that the people in these countries with fewer goods and less consumerism are happier? Happiness cannot be achieved by having more and more goods, but by being satisfied with few goods. So, in order to achieve or increase happiness we have to change our mind (towards humbleness) rather than change our immediate environment (filling home and garage with goods and toys). GNP is a false measure of happiness, still all economists and corporations push for growth and GNP as the only index of economic health and individual happiness. We have to be clear about this fraud. To avoid falling into this trap we can think about best to live with less, try some of our ideas, and then live a life in which we strive for happiness with less - Voluntary Simplicity (voluntary simplicity videos). Also have a look at:  Simple Living, Post-Materialism, and Anti-Consumerism.

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